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College Credit Exams

College Credit Exams

Earn college credit away from campus and work toward your degree faster by earning credit for what you already know.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP offers a series of exams that test college-level knowledge gained through course work, independent study, cultural pursuits, travel, special interests, military service schools, and professional development. Accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities, each exam is typically worth from three to 12 college credits, depending on the exam subject. Testing fees are waived for service members.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

DSST is an extensive series of college subject exams comparable to final exams in undergraduate courses. Designed originally for the military, DSST offer Soldiers a way to demonstrate knowledge comparable to someone who has completed the classroom course in the subject. It provides colleges and universities a reliable means to measure students' knowledge and award credit in commonly taught college courses.

Excelsior College Examinations (ECE)

Excelsior College provides busy working adults with distance education programs to help them earn their degrees. Excelsior College Examinations (ECE) measure students' knowledge, so they can earn college-level credit accepted at Excelsior College and over 900 colleges and universities around the world. Formerly called the ACT Proficiency Examination Program (ACT PEP), ECEs are free to all military personnel.