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The Praxis Series provides tests and other services that states use as part of their teacher licensure and certification process. If you're pursuing your teaching license and certification, you may be required by your state to complete and pass the Praxis Series.*

About the Praxis I and II

The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), measures basic academic skills and consists of three separate tests: reading, mathematics and writing. While some states use the PPST as a teacher-licensing exam, others may require you to pass it as part of your college teacher-preparation program.

The Praxis II measures your knowledge of specific K—12 subjects and teaching skills. Some states will require you to take the test(s) in the subject area(s) you plan to teach. The Praxis offers over 100 tests, including the Principles of Learning and Teaching test.

For information about your state's requirements regarding specific tests, visit the ETS Praxis page. Choose your state from the "State Testing Requirements" drop-down menu. You'll also find a detailed list of test descriptions.

Funding for the Praxis

The National Guard will fund one administration of the Praxis I: PPST (complete or partial) and one administration of the Praxis II: Subject Assessments or Specialty Area test, which includes the Principles of Learning and Teaching test.

The Guard will only fund tests taken at a DANTES test center. DANTES test centers offer paper-based Praxis tests only during set periods throughout the year, so be sure to contact your DANTES center directly to confirm available test days.

Registering for the Praxis

To register for a National Guard—funded Praxis test, contact your nearest DANTES test center to request a test on a specific date. Do NOT register through the ETS website. If you have questions, contact your state Education Services Officer (ESO).

While the National Guard will fund your test(s), you will be responsible for the non-reimbursable $50 registration fee. Fees will be collected on the day you take your test.

Preparing for the Praxis

To access Praxis preparation materials, including Tests at a Glance (TAAGs), study guides and practice tests, visit the Praxis Preparation Materials page.

Current Guard Soldiers can get information on education programs by emailing the Guard Support Center or calling 1-866-628-5999.