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Testing, Licensing and Certification

Testing, Licensing and Certification

What you know can move you ahead.

Often, the quickest way to earn academic or professional credit is through testing or credentialing.

Through your service in the National Guard, you may already have the required knowledge or skills for a class, position or promotion. Testing, Licensing and Certification may help you move closer to the degree or position you seek.

Academic testing can help you earn a diploma, complete an educational credential, get into college or earn credit without taking a course. Find out more.

The Army Personnel Testing (APT) program contains standardized tests that determine eligibility for specialized training and support the Army's personnel selection and classification process.

Certification and Licensing are often the best way to relate your military training to a civilian job or career. Professional credentials can put you ahead of the crowd and help you move up the career ladder. To learn more about Certification and Licensing, click here.

For additional information, contact your state Education Services Officer (ESO) with questions.

Current Guard Soldiers can get information on education programs by emailing the Guard Support Center or calling 1-866-628-5999. If you would like to join the Guard and take advantage of these benefits, visit